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Christmas Markets Part 1 – Rathausplatz, Vienna

Each Christmas, Vienna is full of Christmas markets. Usually I try to visit as many of them as I can and take plenty of photos. This year, I thought I’d make a series of blogposts out of it. I’ll post photos and reviews of the different markets in and around Vienna (and wherever else I might come across one).

First up, is maybe the biggest and most visited Christmas market in Vienna – the one in front of city hall. Traditionally it is one of the first markets to open somewhere mid to late November. Because of its central location just on the Ringstrasse, it is always rather full – unless you go before noon on a weekday. Even then there are always tourists flooding the market.

It is not the most traditional nor the most artsy and crafty of the markets but it doesn’t pretend to be. Many Viennese people come here after work for mulled wine or a bite to eat, but it’s not a great place to buy something special. Unless of course, something special is a blindingly glittery and sparkly ball for the Christmas tree. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure there are nice things in-between there somewhere, it’s just hard to find.

What I personally like about it is the food. Pirker, my favourite gingerbread shop has a booth there, there is one where you can get enormously huge sweets, and one where you can buy soup in bread. Yes, seriously. Soup in bread. Look at the pictures and you’ll see… Finally, there is a booth full of bacon. Afterwards, a quick stop into the Café Landtmann on the other side of the Ringstrasse is in order – especially if your sugar intake is still low and/or you need a great coffee!

To sum it up – I can recommend it, if you’re not going in with the wrong expectations. Take it for what it is, enjoy the glitter there and then move on to one of the more crafty Christmas markets. Or the ones in cooler locations. Or both.

You can find the market’s official website HERE.

More Photos at: Flickr

And now on to the photos… (PS: you can click through them thanks to the gallery update! ;))

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  1. A great selection of photos – the new gallery is very effective too. Looking forward to the less-twinkly markets now.

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