One of the biggest selling points of this Christmas market is the castle. Being situated in front of one of Vienna’s most famous sights helps with its appeal. Especially at night, when the castle is alit and glowing, the market becomes more beautiful as well. Another attraction are the concerts and musical performances which are held every evening in the middle of the market. Schönbrunn Castle is stunning any day, but with the added sparkle of Christmas, it adds another level of shine to it.

The stalls and booths are beautiful and offer a wide range of foods, crafts and presents. But that’s where we come to the downside. It is extremely full and stuffed with tourists. Sometimes it is even hard to get close enough to have a thorough look, let alone buy something. There is always an enormous line on front of the Crêpes and Waffles booth, so be sure to avoid that or be prepared for a wait (may be worth it though!).

If you choose to go there in the evening, make sure to check out the musical performance of the night. Choirs and musicians fill the air with Christmas carols which are broadcast all over the courtyard so you won’t miss them.

You can get fantastic presents and Christmas decorations there, but make sure you go during the day. Use the evening for looking at the lights and don’t expect to get through the masses quickly. When you are at the market, you should take the opportunity for a walk through the castle park with fantastic views to the Gloriette on the hill or even a short visit to the Zoo.

The Christmas Market’s website: Weihnachtsmarkt Schönbrunn

More Photos at: Flickr

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