Outside the city center, in Vienna’s 19th district, can be found the Türkenschanzpark which hosts a Christmas market in December. Before I go into reviewing the market, a few words on the park. I really like the Türkenschanzpark and have spent a bit of time there in autumn as well and it’s really nice for lengthy walks. The park is rather large in size and also hilly. There are ponds with ducks and an old tower.

The Christmas market might not be worth a trip on its on, but the park is. If you are out for a winterly walk in the Türkenschanzpark and you need a warm drink, it’s a great opportunity. Or if you need a new South American poncho. Most stalls aren’t terribly noteworthy and the merry go round is weird. Why any kid would want to go round in fast circles when its winterly cold outside is unclear to me. There is also one of those lit-up Santas that doesn’t really spread the Christmas spirit.

One can just hope that over the years the Christmas market in the Türkenschanzpark will adapt to the beautiful district around it.

Also noteworthy, the website. All you need to know. http://www.weihnachtimpark.at

More Photos at: Flickr

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