For someone who grew up in a region with proper mountain, calling the Spittelberg a Berg (mountain) would be quite the understatement. Nevertheless, the Christmas market on the Spittelberg was maybe one of the first that didn’t just sell glitter and decoration for the christmas tree. Whenever I think of it, I think of that one stall that sells a ton of chocolate and hot-chocolate bars in many different flavours which dissolve in hot milk and not of the less-christmasy alternative looking South American ponchos in bright colours. But the latter is maybe more normal for that particular Christmas market. Don’t be mistaken, the market and the tiny shops that stay open around it, don’t just offer alternative things to get. In that corner of Vienna, a lifestyle called BoBo “Bohemian Bourgeois” has evolved, which might be conceived hipster, but really it is a crowd of young people who make decent money but at the same time spend that money on organic and local products as well as crafts. It gets obvious when you see what seems at first glance like a whacky oriental furniture shop selling a 4000€ side table.

The Christmas market isn’t much different. Some people go there after shopping on one of Vienna’s biggest shopping streets, the Mariahilfer Straße, but there are mostly locals who go there after work for a drink. It is worth the detour and no matter if you were out Christmas shopping – or watching people stressed out whilst they were shopping – you might need some punch afterwards.

Like most Christmas markets, the food part is fantastic. On the Spittelberg Christmas market I can warmly recommend the stall from the Suppengalerie, which serve fantastic soups! If you need something (much) more substantial, the restaurant Centimeter is right in the middle of it. Be sure you are REALLY hungry if you go to eat there.

Another nifty thing at the Christmas market is that a lot of small stores are open during also outside their usual hours including Sundays which is almost unheard of in Vienna. There is a massive chocolate shop and a lot of smaller gift shops you can visit if it gets too cold outside.


Website: Christmas Market Spittelberg

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