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The Altes AKH is the campus of the University of Vienna. The university is spread out all over the city, but this building complex is maybe one of the bigger ones. During the semester it is full of students. In the middle is a big square where you can find shops, restaurants, bars… and around Christmas, a market. The clientele is mostly the same students who spend the time after and in-between lectures huddled around mulled wine. It is located in Vienna’s 9th district, only a short walk away from the main university.

Here you can get a wide array of market weirdnesses. From the Christmas roundabout and the ponchos to tons of mulled wine and hand crafted items. If you go only to this market, you might find many interesting things. You should try one of the sweet “Snowballs” (Schneebälle) as well, but they can also be found at the Belvedere. This market belongs to the same crowd as the one at the Belvedere and the Maria Theresien Platz. When you go to those three, some of the stalls and items will look familiar. Because this market isn’t in the city center, you will not just come across it if you don’t study or live nearby or go there specifically. The Altes AKH is a nice enough market which might drown a bit in the masses of markets if you visit many. Just because it’s nice but not special.


Website: Weihnachtsdorf Altes AKH

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