The Christmas market on the Karlsplatz in front of the big church might be one of my absolute favourites. This is not just because of the most awesome hat shop ever and the hot pita bread with bacon… well yes, those are actually some of the reasons. If you add the most wonderfully crafted wooden bowls and a bunch of sheep and even wooly pigs (!!), you are an awesome Christmas market in my book! I mentioned a church earlier and the Karlskirche is really pretty – especially in the evening – but this is not the market you go to for the nice setting. This is the one you go to because on every other stall you want to buy something hand made or see something so awesome you seriously question how you have lived without so far. Feel free to come hungry, too!

It calls itself arts and crafts market, because it’s so much more than just a Christmas market. I need to mention the website too, because it classifies the sellers there by material! No matter if metal, glass, wood, wax, or something completely different… you’ll find it there! You can get crazy hats, handmade musical instruments, wonderful wooden bowls, leather books or jewellery made out of coconuts.

This year, we went there with a plan to buy a few things. When we visited the Christmas market for the first time, we were a bit overwhelmed. Handmade crafts are seldom cheap but often a bargain. We stood there flabbergasted by all the fantastic things we wanted but couldn’t buy them all. So we came up with a plan of things we wanted, needed and a budget. We still had some wedding money which we had received for the purpose of buying one of those fantastic wooden bowls. There was also the food aspect, but that wasn’t too costly. On top of that, we had to figure out if we needed hats, jewellery or other awesome things for ourselves or the flat as well. What we ended up buying was the wooden bowl we went out to get, but I also got a bracelet and for Mick a handmade “stirring drum” and a walnut flute.

Website: Karlsplatz (Christmas) Arts and Crafts Market

More Photos at: Flickr


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