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The Wookiee Rookiee Podcast Episode Episode 04 – A Surprisingly Unannoying Hope

Episode 04 – A Surprisingly Unannoying Hope

In which Darth Vader is likened to both a three-legged dog and a dark Polly Pocket, while Katharina explains her history of punching boys for chocolate. Oh, yes, and we finally reach the original trilogy which is actually not about blowing up the planet of the chickens with a ruler.

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  1. Another great episode. It was so interesting to hear Katharina’s perspective as a new viewer of the Original Trilogy and I’m very happy to hear she liked this one more. I don’t hate the prequels but they did have many painful moments and a lot of terrible decisions were made in them. I’m so glad Episode VI was great! Can’t wait to hear what you guys thought of that one!

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