December 1st

“If it is snowing now, I’m sure it will all be gone by Christmas,” Gary complained.
“Are you telling me you’re superstitious?” Ludwig looked at his goat, his eyebrow raised.
“Have you never noticed it?”
“Noticed what?”
“Well, you know, I want a white Christmas, but we barely ever get them anymore,” the goat explained.
“I didn’t know you liked Christmas, white or otherwise.”
“Only because last year I couldn’t talk, could I?”
Gary was referring to the freak incident when a mad scientist shoved Gary through a fake portal to turn him into a human, but all it did was give him the ability to speak.
“I just looooooooove snow!” Gary said dreamily.
“That much I did know; you were always running around the pen like a crazy thing as soon as it started to snow. Then you got so excited and worked up that you passed out and the snow covered you until you were completely cold and wet,” the farmer remarked.
“Yes, it was awesome…”


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