December 15th

“I’m dreaming of a whiiiiiite Christmas…!” Gary was singing loudly in between his sniffing around the barn.

He smelled something strange; maybe someone had put something nice and tasty in a parcel. There was no sign of where the smell was coming from, which made him realise that it must be left over from one of the stolen presents. Maybe if he could still smell it in the barn, he would be able to follow it as well. What he needed was his cape. Moments later, Captain Myotonic emerged from the barn and, still humming ‘White Christmas’, he walked outside into the street.

No more than half an hour later, he had followed the smell as it grow stronger along a trail that led him to stand in front of a truck. Gary wasn’t sure if the truck was hiding all the presents, because he was too small to look inside and unfortunately flying wasn’t one of his superpowers. Hopping up and down, he tried to catch a glimpse inside, until suddenly two arms grabbed him and lifted him up.

“What are you doing here and why are you wearing a cape?” the policewoman asked him.

Gary had managed to catch a look inside the truck when she had lifted him up, but it was empty. Now he found himself shoved into her police car, being driven back to the farm.
Ludwig was beside himself. He was angry with Gary, asking him why he would just run away and shouting that if he wore his cape he would just attract attention and might get caught.

“I was only in the village and you said I could help look for the presents!”
“Yes, around the farm, not in the village. Something could’ve happened to you!”
“I want to help!” Gary insisted.
“You are a goat!” Ludwig shouted, slapping the palm of his hand on the table.

Gary was so startled, he passed out.

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