December 2nd

Gary sat next to the goat pen and stared at his friends. He knew he was still a goat, but being able to talk to Ludwig had slowly changed him. Less and less he understood them and their wishes and desires. He was still very much into girl goats and food, particularly the dessert Kaiserschmarrn, which is an Austrian specialty in the form of torn-apart thick, fluffy pancakes. As a warm cinnamon aroma joined the normal farmyard odours, he realised his dessert was going to be ready soon, so he sadly turned away from the pen and walked into the house where Ludwig was waiting for him.

What set Gary apart even more than his special ability was the fact that he had been on adventures with Ludwig and was in training to be a superhero. Captain Myotonic was his name. He even had a cape.

Hopping up to sit on the chair at the kitchen table, he almost felt human, despite his hooves, fur and horns. Ludwig placed a plate of Kaiserschmarrn in front of him, sprinkled icing sugar over it and set a deep bowl of apple sauce on the side. Gary thought it looked like a picturesque, yet tasty mountain scene with freshly fallen snow. He dug in, face first, completely ignoring the knocking at the door.


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