December 23rd

”Gary, where are you?” he called out, but no reply came.
Then he heard a noise, a quiet crunching from the far corner of the barn. A large cardboard box sat on the floor under one of the tables and strange sounds were coming out of it. Ludwig pulled the box out from underneath the table, finding it much heavier than he had expected. The reason for the weight became clear when Ludwig opened the lip to find the goat sitting inside, surrounded by crumbs of what had once been a pile of gingerbread.

“Gary!” Ludwig shouted, and scared Gary so much that the goat stiffened up and fainted in the middle of the gingerbread crumbs.
Despite the fact that his goat had eaten a huge box full of cookies, Ludwig couldn’t help but laugh. The image of Gary with his bloated belly full of gingerbread, passed out in a circle of crumbs inside a cardboard box looked like the very definition of ‘just desserts’.

When he woke up the next morning, Gary realised he was in the farm kitchen, but still in the box with the last of the cookie crumbs. He thought this was quite excellent, because it was warmer in the kitchen and he didn’t have to move for more gingerbread, so he turned around in the box and continued to eat the delicious crumbs.

“You are insatiable,” Ludwig stated, looking down at his crazy goat.
“Fforry,” he replied, crumbs shooting out of his mouth.
Ludwig sighed and went back to preparing what felt like a ton of gingerbread dough to make up for all the cookies Gary had eaten.

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