December 4th

Anton and Ludwig had talked long into the night and eventually the farmer had found out what the old man wanted: a big Christmas. One where the whole village would come together on Christmas Eve, like Austrians always do, and celebrate together. Ludwig certainly had doubts about how they would pull it off, but he was sure he would do everything to try.

His first stop the next morning was in the town hall to find the mayor. The secretary told him he was still working, so Ludwig headed straight along to the bakery where he found the Burgermeister elbow-deep in dough. As the town’s baker, as well as mayor, he was immediately excited about the idea and promised he would provide all the bread they would need. The fact that he had been invited to his sister-in-law’s for Christmas helped as well. He only needed to convince his wife.

“Marie, darling, everyone is going to be there,” the mayor looked at his wife imploringly.
“Are you sure this has nothing to do with the fact that after the last time we ate at my sister’s you spent the night in passionate embrace with the toilet?” she asked with a knowing smile.
“It wasn’t my idea, Ludwig came to see me, old Stopfer wishes it. You know he might very well be right, it might be his last Christmas.”
“What if I invite my sister and her husband as well?”
“Of course, darling. Just make sure she only brings the drinks,” he smiled widely, looking forward to a traditional festive village celebration.

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