TC-97266-MainIcon View from Valhalla has already been around a few years. It started off as a podiobook (podcast fiction) review blog, then a few book reviews were added, and later on it appeared as podcast as well. Odin1Eye, who reviews and runs the site, started off with having a few of the authors on his podcast and after a hiatus he decided to change things up a bit.

The relaunch of the podcast would feature his written reviews as well as a guest to discuss the books with him. This time it wouldn’t (just) be the author who got interviewed, but also other listeners who might have a different opinion from Odin. So this is where I come in. He asked me to be the guinea pig for his first episode of the new format.

Not long after that, I sat in front of Skype, discussing Sense Memory by Brion Humphrey with him. You can find the episode on iTunes and View from Valhalla.

I hope you enjoy our chat and the review and check out the book yourself! 🙂

UPDATE: Brion Humphrey recently wrote a blogpost about sequels and our feedback! Check it out!