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Pre-Order Danube Waves!

DW Cover-big KopieThe sequel to The Coffee Legacy is finally on its way!
In almost a week it will be released as eBook on Amazon, Smashwords and – depending distribution speed – other eBook seller too!

You can find all the links where you can buy it HERE.

Danube Waves already has a Goodreads page too, you can go ahead and add it!

Whilst you are waiting for it, get The Coffee Legacy on Smashwords for only $ 0.99 with coupon code: EX69X !!

Danube Waves

2014-02-20 15.17.55Only a few days ago, I finished the first draft of Danube Waves, the sequel to the Coffee Legacy and the second book in the Wiener Blut universe. The draft came in just over 76K which makes it quite a bit bigger than the first novel. I’m not sure if it will grow or slim down in the editing process but it will most likely stay longer. At the moment I’m into the first round of edits before the manuscript goes to the editor. I have a few timeline references to fix and to make sure that the story stays consistent throughout and I didn’t start off with an idea that gets forgotten later on.

When I’m done with my edits I will start with the casting for the podcast version of it. I cannot resist doing a podcast again and I am very lucky that I already have the OK of those people who are recurring from the first book. But there are also many new characters which need new voices and I’m excited to cast them.

At the same time the relaunch of the paperback version of the Coffee Legacy is underway and it’s long overdue. I hope to get it out before the eBook version of Danube Waves gets released.

Once the casting call is out, I will put a blogpost here and over on the Wiener Blut website, so keep your eyes open! 🙂 Also, there will be cake!

The Third NaNo Win

2013-Winner-Facebook-CoverIt’s December 1st, and on November 23 I finished my third NaNoWriMo after 2010 and 2012. It is also the third time I’ve managed to write 50,000 words. I might have finished the word goal but I’m not finished with the book yet. I think it might need another 10-20K words. For this NaNo, I was writing the sequel to my 2010 project, the Coffee Legacy (Wiener Blut 1). It is called Danube Waves and revolves around… cake! 🙂 Yes I am serious. That’s how the idea started. One cake per chapter instead of coffee. Not to worry, there is still a lot of coffee in the books and even more was consumed writing it. I hope I can finish the first draft of the novel by the end of the year but I also promised Mick to edit Some other Scotland, which he has finished during this NaNo. He’ll go on to writing his 2010 NaNo book which has yet to be finished. Once he has done that, he will go on to edit Danube Waves. I hope I’m quicker writing than he edits, but I have a suspicion I might be.

So what else is next? Working on more Every Photo Tells… stories and on the 2nd edition of our guidebook Christmas Markets in Vienna, to add more markets and more photos. Once the edits of Danube Waves are done it’ll go out to the beta readers and I will start working on the audio book version. I was hesitant about it at first, mainly because I didn’t want to re-cast the people who appear again, but since I managed to convince the most important recurring voices, I’m happy to do a full cast version of it as well.

I think that’s enough to do and it should keep me busy for a while. Needless to say there is already the next idea or two floating in my head…

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