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Christmas Markets 2017 Edition

It’s Christmassing! Well, almost 😉

The 2017 edition of our Christmas Market book – Vienna and beyond – is available as eBook.


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Pre-Order Danube Waves!

DW Cover-big KopieThe sequel to The Coffee Legacy is finally on its way!
In almost a week it will be released as eBook on Amazon, Smashwords and – depending distribution speed – other eBook seller too!

You can find all the links where you can buy it HERE.

Danube Waves already has a Goodreads page too, you can go ahead and add it!

Whilst you are waiting for it, get The Coffee Legacy on Smashwords for only $ 0.99 with coupon code: EX69X !!

Christmas Markets in Vienna, 2015 Edition

XmasCover E 2015When I started blogging about Christmas markets in winter 2012, I never thought it would become a book, let alone I would be publishing a second edition three years later.

After it was first published, I still wanted to go to new markets or revisit old ones, and I took my camera and Mick with me, to be safe. The plan was to update it for 2014, but we moved house and the project landed in the queue.

I was sure though, once the new opening dates and times were published I would manage a 2015 edition – and here it is! 🙂

Updated infos, seven new markets, and many more photos! / /

Smashwords (and many more…)

Danube Waves

2014-02-20 15.17.55Only a few days ago, I finished the first draft of Danube Waves, the sequel to the Coffee Legacy and the second book in the Wiener Blut universe. The draft came in just over 76K which makes it quite a bit bigger than the first novel. I’m not sure if it will grow or slim down in the editing process but it will most likely stay longer. At the moment I’m into the first round of edits before the manuscript goes to the editor. I have a few timeline references to fix and to make sure that the story stays consistent throughout and I didn’t start off with an idea that gets forgotten later on.

When I’m done with my edits I will start with the casting for the podcast version of it. I cannot resist doing a podcast again and I am very lucky that I already have the OK of those people who are recurring from the first book. But there are also many new characters which need new voices and I’m excited to cast them.

At the same time the relaunch of the paperback version of the Coffee Legacy is underway and it’s long overdue. I hope to get it out before the eBook version of Danube Waves gets released.

Once the casting call is out, I will put a blogpost here and over on the Wiener Blut website, so keep your eyes open! 🙂 Also, there will be cake!

The one where I visit the View from Valhalla podcast…

TC-97266-MainIcon View from Valhalla has already been around a few years. It started off as a podiobook (podcast fiction) review blog, then a few book reviews were added, and later on it appeared as podcast as well. Odin1Eye, who reviews and runs the site, started off with having a few of the authors on his podcast and after a hiatus he decided to change things up a bit.

The relaunch of the podcast would feature his written reviews as well as a guest to discuss the books with him. This time it wouldn’t (just) be the author who got interviewed, but also other listeners who might have a different opinion from Odin. So this is where I come in. He asked me to be the guinea pig for his first episode of the new format.

Not long after that, I sat in front of Skype, discussing Sense Memory by Brion Humphrey with him. You can find the episode on iTunes and View from Valhalla.

I hope you enjoy our chat and the review and check out the book yourself! 🙂

UPDATE: Brion Humphrey recently wrote a blogpost about sequels and our feedback! Check it out!

The Coffee Legacy


The first book in the Wiener Blut world – the Coffee Legacy – finally got its relaunch and a bit of a do-over. The chapters have now full colour pictures and there is a new cover and obviously title.

You can get the eBook on Amazon for only 4.99!


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