The Old Viennese Christmas market on the Freyung is probably one of the smaller markets. But that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the prettiest ones. The Freyung is a well known spot for Saturday farmer’s markets and also an easter market. For some reason, the crafty things there seem just a bit more old school, a bit more Old Viennese, and it’s not just the name. Some kind of back-in-the-day distinguished normality seems to be going around there. The first thing that makes you stop in your tracks and wonder is the sign-maker whose signs show professions that have been around a century or more ago. The farmer’s market is also there, it just gets more Christmasy.

Much like the market on the Hof (review up next), which is right around the corner from the Freyung, the chances are big that you end up walking past it anyway. But you shouldn’t just walk past it, it’s really worth being checked out more thoroughly.

Website: Old Viennese Christmas Market

More Photos at: Flickr


Christmas Markets auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen