If you walk through the inner city (first district) of Vienna, you can hit a lot of Christmas markets in one go. Some are on the Ringstrasse that forms a ring around the first district and some, like the Christmas market on the Hof, are more in the city center. On this Christmas market I discovered a wonderful gold and silversmith, Josh O’Shea but there is much more to see. Compared to some it is relatively small, but they have mulled wine, tons of bacon and some antique shops. It’s just around the corner from the one on the Freyung, so most people visit both when they come by.

Many Christmas markets nowadays are very artsy and crafty, because being kitsch and touristy is not what any of them want to be. Like this, it gives local artists a chance to show their craft to a wider public. Some have stalls on more than one Christmas market, and some ideas aren’t really new, but in most you will find something you hadn’t seen on the others. But you might find a stall full of Christmas tat as well. In reality, you don’t often just go to a Christmas market specifically, you do them whilst you are out and about in the city. There are only a few which are a bit further away from the city center so that you’d have to go there intentionally. If you are planning a winterly walk through Vienna’s first district, chances are you pass by the Hof and check out the Christmas market. There are plenty possibilities online where you can plan ahead where all the markets are – or you just use the Viennese Christmas Market App  for that – and you might check out a few which are on your way.

Website: Christmas Market on the Hof.

More Photos at: Flickr


Christmas Markets auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen